Starting a new sports lifestyle apparel brand from scratch takes branding skill, patience and more patience. Chirp Apparel was founded in the Fall of 2014 and went thru a total “re-brand” in the Fall of 2015.  Once Tripine Creative captured the look and feel of the new “Flying C” logo icon – the Chirp squad launched at the Let’s Play Hockey Expo in March of 2016. The response was tremendous. Shirts, decals and lids were flying off the racks.

The Chirper’s also needed a mobile, responsive e-commerce website developed as well – since Chirp is bringing their brand direct to the consumer and bypassing selling thru retail outlets – the web tool was just as important as the apparel designs themselves. No website, no apparel sales. Period. SEO and social paid marketing have played a large part in Chirp’s initial launch and will continue to help drive the brands exposure and sales moving forward. We will track Google and social analytics to help narrow into Chirp’s precise target buying market and grow that customer base consistently. Constant and consistent marketing. Create. Produce. Deliver.